Is Essay Writing Topics Still Relevant?

There many ways you can use this product:

• After sharing the stories, work as a class to essay writing service a literary analysis of Red Riding Hood retold and illustrated by James Marshall and Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young. All steps—from reading the books, completing the organizers and rewriting, and writing, revising, and editing the essay—all are completed together.

• You can share the stories and then have the students complete the organizers, prewriting, writing, revising, and editing independently.

• You can share the stories and model Need To Know About Essay Writing completing the organizers, prewriting, writing, revising, and editing. Then, have students read two similar versions of another story and complete the process you have modeled. You could also have students read a book and then watch a movie-version of the book and compare and contrast those. (My lesson plans reflect this method.)

This product includes:

• Two-weeks of step-by-step Lesson Plans
• Anchor Posters (both color and black-and-white)
• Graphic Organizers (both color and black-and-white)
• Mentor Compare and Contrast essays for analysis
• Analysis Notes for Peer Editing and Revising
• Scoring Rubric
• CCSS Alignment

The Writer’s Workshop Unit: Literary Essay- Writing About Reading is easily adaptable for 3-5. 16 Lessons with connection, teaching point, active engagement, link and sharing. It addresses Common Core Standards and includes anchor charts, minilessons, mentor text excerpts, rubrics, student notebook labels, and much more. This product has been adapted from Units of Study for Teaching Writing Grades 3-5 by Lucy Calkins.

**A Detailed List of Items Found In The Writing Workshop Unit**

*Workshop Calendar
*Materials Needed for Unit
*Goals and Differentiation
*Terms Found In This Unit
*Strategies and Groups
*Tips for Starting
*Expectations of Our Workshop
*Writing Workshop Components and Assessments
*Writing Workshop Student Behavior Rubric
*Common Core Standards That Are Addressed In This Unit
*On Demand Assessment Pre Unit, On Demand Assessment Post Unit
*On Demand Assessment Rubric
*Workshop Self Evaluation
*Tips for Conferring with Writers
*Conferring Examples and Worksheets
*Student Notebook Labels
*Example for Parent Handbook
*Teacher Self-Assessment
*Revision and Editing Checklist
*Partner Editing Checklist
*Celebration Ideas and Supplies
*Final Copy Rubric