Five Paragraph Argumentative Essay

Today we’re going to go over how to write a five paragraph argumentative essay this is the same topic that we worked out in class last week so most people should be pretty familiar with it we’re using this article than any other article I also attached it to the message center so we need to review the article that would be a great idea that way you kind of remember the information so you can kind of think about it let me writing. Learn more about argumentative paragraphs onĀ Edusson.

First thing we need to do when we write an argumentative essay is to make a claim what I mean by that is we need to take a side and need to stay on one side or the other so when I read the article i constantly think about shrimp would be Americanized that has rocked the notes after thinking about it I take a stand so since most of our classes said yes then it should be that’s the stand up taking a day I’m going to skip the hook for a second and we go right to the thesis statement thesis statement is really easy the point of the thesis statement is it tells us what the whole paper is going to be about and all I have to do to make a piece of statement is answer this question and restated so I’m going to say food should be Americanized it is brought to the US now I’m going to go back up to the book the point of a hook is to get our readers attention so we can ask a question that’s the most common one we can tell a story.

We can have on a mount appeal a one-word attention getter I’m going to start my hook up with a short story now remember when you do tell a story it needs to be shorter so we’re only talking to three sentences something like that now in order to get a four on the rubric which is a name our hook has to be striking and engage our reader so it’s kind of tough to get for with the hook but it’s not impossible so here’s an example of a book that would get a forward as you pull that taco are the others as you pull taco the delicious smell causes you to think about all the great changes that has happened to the top now I’m going to go down to increase what my preview does is it creates three reasons that it’s going to be the topic sentences of my body paragraph so when I’m thinking of my three reasons I need to keep in mind that one-half be big enough where I can come up with two pieces of text evidence and two they can be changed so if I come up with a reason and I don’t like it when I start writing a body paragraph then I can change.