Working With Pieces Of Information

Look at your students right have to go through their system and so that’s not the reason why it’s going to be important for you to familiarize familiarize yourself a little bit with the system of the school year act so that you can direct students to how how they work in the library because the truth of the matter is is that most undergrads when they get to the stage of writing a research paper thing they probably not use the library that much beyond a space for them to study in right they haven’t they might not know how to do get books i provider right you know they might not know how to read a call number you know so you wanna some of them might be very advanced but i think the most part you want to assume a general not that they’re not smart but just a general lack of now how to do these things. Find useful avices on how to work with research info at Edusson.

And so it’s I the line that you have to try that is to sort of teach figure out what you need to teach them without treating them like babies but I think that that covers what I wanted to introduce and then when I hand it over to David has there any so you have the assignments ahead of time would really just deserve get you thinking about this I think I think they would really mean that part of teaching the research paper is understanding why you’re assigned in a research paper and I think before you assignment you should really be asking yourselves do do the students need to learn this right now right maybe they do maybe they don’t but before you even jump off into that into doing it you don’t really reflect a little bit about why they’re doing it know what they’re gonna learn and so with that that’s dr. David I’m David so I call this creativity because I had this I I had this question what is what I think a research paper wasn’t as a freshman in college Elsa what did you think our research paper was when you’re a freshman in college whatever it was it for it was for learning about something specific okay Jordan I thought it was an exercise in getting another field and actually checking out books and having to do things I could develop your own opinion about like a question that’s up.

I thought I would like about sort of gathering different pieces of information and like reassembling them ah okay okay Ezra to my brother but he was probably something like learning to evaluate sources primary and secondary and then I gotta gather what yeah me everything that said I just remembered gathering and gathering of gathering was difficult wasn’t this yeah the answers that were already given like yeah so it’s obviously all of those things right Aaron he hadn’t even met yeah the young research paper said there’s a freshman I thought oh just taking something that was interesting from the course and following it where it would lead he’s made we only did one day on something well that’s really understand that so it’s obviously all of those things.